Chef Matty Neufeld

At a young age of 15 Matty Neufeld entered the restaurant biz by washing dishes. 3 weeks in, he hated it. The dishes never stopped coming and his hands always looked like prunes, but suddenly a pizza dough making position came about, he decided to try it on for size and never looked back. Cooking became his passion.

As time went on, and many cook books had been read, Matty decided to turn his passion into a career. He applied to Red River College’s apprenticeship program, with one goal, to gain as much experience from the best Chefs in the city. Soon after completing his apprenticeship and gaining his Red Seal, Chef Matty decided to travel to see what other cooking techniques he could learn from other countries and world-renowned Chefs. These travels found him all over the map, including cooking on a beach in Thailand, learning from a Thai master to cooking by the Opera house in Sydney and then spending over 2 years in Perth cooking in a 2 Michelin star restaurant over looking every sunset. Although these were long 16 hour days it did not detour Matty from continuing to learn out side of the restaurant. He had always used his free time to read more cookbooks and experience new cuisine. This is where he learnt about farm to table cooking and the slow food movement. The importance of knowing where your food comes from and appreciating the ingredients you use.

In Australia his mentor encouraged him to apply and attend the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. A prestigious 1 year program where he learnt not only the art of Italian cooking but more about slow food by working on a farm and using those products. Chef Matty then worked in a 3 Michelin star restaurant perfecting his skills. With these experience, Matty felt he was ready to return to Winnipeg, his home and product amazing food using all these lessons.

He quickly became the Executive Chef at Pineridge Hollow, where he was able to plan the farm around his menus and teach his staff the excellence in cooking. During this time he also was invited into elementary schools to teach kids about the Canadian Food Guide in exciting ways.

2 years later, Chef Matty Neufeld has decided to start Prairie Kitchen Catering using all of these philosophies. Working closely with farmers and local producers to create art on a plate that looks as good as it tastes. He loves working closely with his clients to produce food for the evening that everyone will be talking about for days. He continues to teach kids about the Canadian Food Guide as he feels it is important as they will be the next generations to make decisions on the types of foods they will eat.

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